Itchy Feet


Barry was in the bathroom for the second time that morning, clawing at the burning red itch at the top of his feet.

He wished he could afford a new, comfortable pair of shoes. But that was beyond his salary. These shoes were the only ones he owned.

He put the shoes back on and went back to work. His feet began to itch almost right away. Was this his life now? Miserable dead-end job and itchy shoes from now until the end?

When he died six months later, they only had one pair of shoes to bury him in.

— Matt Holland

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From The Slush Pile Of Wonderblast Publishing

Dear Wonderblast Publishing,


My name is Nigel Nebbish, I am a writer from London currently seeking a home for my 80,000 word thriller novel: The Girl Who Saw Velvet Summers.

It’s an action-packed crime thriller about an ace lawyer, Michael Mebble, and his attempts to uncover corruption in his own firm. Just as he is about to get close, he is disbarred and dismissed from the firm and is forced to team up with a lawyer from an opposing firm to seek justice. The twist? The opposing lawyer is his ex-wife.

I am perfectly suited to write this book because I was a lawyer in London for over three decades before I left my firm under my own volition. I know the ins and outs of lawyering and am great fun at parties. I wanted to be a writer ever since I saw a John Grisham novel in an airport bookshop last week.

I’ve attached a sample of the novel and look forward to hearing back from you.


Nigel Nebbish Esq

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