About Me

Here are the facts as I see them.

Matt Holland is a wordist, a storymeister, a sentence botherer. An arsehole, who can’t just say that he’s a writer like a normal person, basically.

He’s from Liverpool, England; and he spends most of his time getting stuck behind people in queues.

His weaknesses are fire, lightening, and social interaction. He is strong against ghost attacks.

His favourite colour is irrelevant because he’s colour-blind and he thinks it’s really insensitive that you asked. You monster.

He wrote a generally well-received novel about a bunch of amoral mercenaries (and one good one) trying to outdo one another in a godless universe full of horrible monsters. He didn’t realise that this novel would come true when he wrote it and he is very sorry. Read the first part for cheapĀ here. Read more about the series here.

He has also written a bunch of shite novels that nobody will ever read because they’re terrible.

He enjoys good beer, warm weather, biting his nails, the oxford comma, and talking about himself in the third person because it makes him feel like a big man.

Generally speaking, he has okay smelling breath. Generally.

He has taken to begging strangers for money to pay the bills.

He has been known to cast some pods.