The Abduction


Bob had just started lunch when he was ripped from his life and dragged upwards by an invisible force. He crashed right out of the world itself and watched it recede until his home was gone.

Bright light seared his eyes. But that pain was nothing compared to the burning agony in his chest. There was nothing to breathe up here. He gasped, lungs raking themselves apart for breath. He struggled to free himself, thrashing this way and that, but the invisible force was too strong. It dragged him further upwards with terrifying speed.

There were crafts circling the world. Flat white shapes of some shimmering, unknowable material. Bob dropped into one and was plucked loose by a clutching thatch of hairy tentacles.

The tentacles were connected to the creature that’d stolen Bob from the world. It was the most monstrous thing Bob had ever seen, too huge to take in all at once. It was covered in slick, sharklike skin that blended with some kind of tangled hair. Huge eyes, eyes the size of Bob’s entire body, scrutinised him.

A flap opened in the creature’s carapace, it revealed a dank tunnel full of white and yellow towers jostling for position. A hideous sound assaulted Bob’s senses, knocking him dizzy.

Bob’s struggles slowed. He couldn’t breathe or fight anymore. Consciousness faded as he was tossed from the craft, hurtling back towards the world.

He splashed back into the atmosphere and swam away, screaming into the dark.

— By Matt Holland 14/03/2018

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