I miss Caroline every day. I know Smokey does too. She might just be a dog, but Smokey knows her best friend is gone.

They say dogs can sense the dead. I don’t know if that’s true. I certainly hope not. Although I do believe dogs can see things that are invisible to humans.

Smokey loves playing fetch with the three tennis balls I take on our walks. Although she often gets too excited and tries to snatch one of the other tennis balls out of my hand before I can throw it. The only way to stop her is to throw the ball before she gets a chance to steal it.

Caroline used to laugh at how Smokey bounced around me, trying to occupy my attention so she could snatch one of the other tennis balls out of my hand.

Yesterday I took Smokey to the park just after work. It was dusk and the streetlights outside the fence were just coming on. I tossed Smokey one of her tennis balls. Instead of chasing it like normal, Smokey sat stock still and stared at a point past my shoulder, her little eyes going wide.

A chill ran up my spine.

I turned around to look and that’s when Smokey grabbed the other tennis ball out of my hand and pranced off to the middle of the park with both of balls in her mouth, her little tail wagging behind her.

I still don’t know if dogs can see the dead or not, but I do think Smokey sensed how much I missed Caroline and she wanted to make me laugh like she used to.

— Matt Holland 30/06/18

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