One Year Later

Hello, my name is Matt Holland.

You know me. We met here. On this website.

It has been a wild and crazy year. Demons were conquered, the world ended at the whim of an asshole, it came back in time for us to have a laugh about it, Layla took care of business, our feet got itchy, we fell in love, our love was tested by horrors from beyond, we found that we had so much in common, but we also found out that plenty of people envied that about us, breakfast was served, fishes were caught, we discovered that love wasn’t enough when cash was on the table, and we learned the true cost of pain.

We also apparently learned that my nibblereads stories have vanished. I’ll sort that at some point.

And whatever the next story is.

I’m caught between a story about human trafficking, ghosts, or necromancy.

What fun we have here on

Around this time last year I was in one of my lowest moments. My job had kicked all but the tiniest sliver of life out of me and I was considering snuffing that little bit out.

Instead I learned how to build a wordpress website and set up the abomination that you see before you. I imposed a ‘one story or piece of writing per month’ deadline on myself and got to work.
I just wanted to thank those of you who have been here to read my dumb stories. You’re the true lifeblood of this website, especially those of you who support me on patreon┬áto keep this whole mess running.

I am fond of you all.

This doesn’t count as a story, by the way. That’s gonna happen towards the end of the month, like always.

If you want to badger me for progress reports, come onto twitter and demand a story. I’ll probably tell you to go fuck yourself in an inventive way. You can’t not afford to not miss out on this deal!

Power to your elbows, readers. I’ll see you at the next story.

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